"The Tamarisk Tree thrives in the wilderness. It's branches blossom and bloom in the harshest of environments, not just surviving but flourishing"

"Throughout my life the Tamarisk has been a symbol of beauty, strength and inspiration and I wanted to create Jewellery to empower your Tamarisk Soul"

Tamarisk Jewellery is the work of Abigail Mary Rose Clark. Using reclaimed and recycled vintage ceramics, this conceptual primitive-style jewellery collection encapsulates patterns, symbols and cyphers from damaged pieces of china and transforms them into talisman-like trinkets and adornments. 

Each piece is cast in solid metal from hand carved wax creations and hand finished at Abigail's home workshop in St Leonard's on the South East coast of England. 

The china used in every piece is sourced as damaged and seconds from some of the UK's most prestigious ceramics manufacturers. Preserving and breathing new life into objects that have outlived their previous lives.